Agents Maintenance Reporting

We provide Agents with a complete maintenance service for all property repairs and general maintenance.

Over the years we have established a proven network of reliable tradespeople to complete all jobs from plumbing to safety certificates.

How does Monline work?


We establish a working relationship with the Agency and reach an agreement to maintain their properties. The Agency supplies the Tenant’s name, phone number, and email address.


Using the Tenants phone number we will then create a unique identifier which links the Agency and Tenant. We introduce our selves to the Tenant, and provide them will our contact information so that they contacts us directly when a problem arises.


We then email the downloadable link to the Tenants for the app on apple or android.


Tenants can now report maintenance issues to the Monline.


The Agency is immediately notified by Monline with full details of the issue as reported by the Tenant, including any photos. The Agency can either ask Monline attend to investigate and submit a quotation for their approval or for the contractor to resolve the issue whilst on site.


Any upfront costs will be submitted for your approval.


If the Agent agrees the quotation provided, we will then book in the works to be completed.


The invoice will be sent to the Agent to be settled before job completion.

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